Accredited Specialist in Couples & Individual Counselling in Bedford

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With more than 10 years' counselling experience, I've helped a variety of clients identify and overcome a range of problems including Couples & Relationships; Bereavement; Depression; Abuse; Stress; Anxiety & Low Self-Esteem

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I realized I was drinking too much because I was scared to talk to my husband about how I really felt about sex. Once we started talking he began to understand my concerns, we became closer and I stopped using drink to hide my fears.


Bedford, UK


I hadn't appreciated how stressed I was. The sessions helped me to identify signs that my work/life balance was heading the wrong way and I learned to say no. I'm extremely grateful for Nancy's help.


Hitchin, UK


I buried my feelings about losing my Mum because it was too painful to talk about. Nancy helped me to unblock all of this pain and start living with the good memories of her instead.


Woburn, UK


If it wasn't for Nancy I wouldn't be here. She doesn't judge me but just listens until I'm ready to talk.


Milton Keynes, UK

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Nancy Harris Counselling, Short and Long term, providing Psychodynamic and Person-Centred Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Life Skills. Problem Solving, Personal Development. Working with individuals and couples who may suffer Anxiety, Stress, Panic, Depression, OCD, Fear, Loss, Disability, Historical Abuse, Hopelessness, Lost, Unhappiness, PTSD, Phobias, Isolation, Self Esteem, Confidence Issues, Relationship Difficulties, Work Related Issues and Enduring Illness.